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Celebrate Family History is about helping you get started in researching and writing your family history.

Family history research can be very rewarding, but also can consume many, many hours. It can be tedious, but when you finally put together facts to understand a generation of your family, it can be exhilarating. There are many good web sites and other resources available to assist you with your family history, some free and some for pay.  I will not try to duplicate what they do, but the guidelines in this site will help you make the most of your research time and get you results early on in your research.

People often start their family history by putting their family name into a database and hoping for the best. This is fine and can be helpful, but there is a more systematic way to connect with your past.  I have spent many hours learning about my family history the hard way and have made many of the mistakes. So I am providing this web site to help you to not repeat those mistakes and to give help you get back in time to your ancestors faster.

Following these simple steps will make a real difference in developing your family history.


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Birth, Marriage & Death Collection